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Best Mixing Resin formula developed by M-One User

By 2015年9月10日News

Dear M-One users,

We just received the mixing resin testing report from our Italian M-One user “Andrea Mainas”. The outcome is so great! During last few months’ tests with Spota material, Envisiontec , Lumi …etc, he developed his own formula when print with great detail and stability. And he would like to share his great testing results with all M-One users. Thanks to his efforts to M-One community.

The following is the Mixing Resin formula from Andrea.

“60% Spot A GP (yellow) , cure time excellent , sticks well to the plate, it does not stick to the bottom Vat, a bit glassy but excellent for details; 25% Lumi react (teal) remove reverb, cure time excellent, very tough ( alone tends to crack) great for details; 15% ENVISIONTEC RC31 (tan), cure time excellent , excellent finish type Abs, softens the final result, then an ingredient great for large prints and eliminates the effect of cracks.”

“each resin has its own characteristics that make it prime for printing type (eg, print size, high definition, mechanical strength of the model, viscosity, ability to stick to the bottom Vat, etc), then mixing them in the appropriate percentages, we get a satisfactory result for the kind of model that we make, we also can use the last drop of the bottles almost over.”

His time table(His setting is M-One HD 1920*1080 resolution),


Andrea’s printing result.


Andrea’s Mixing resin tests record in MakeX forum:

New fantastic FEP VAT in action

Structural parts

Andrea’s other tests:

Panzer Commander

Big Robot head

Izenborg head

Thanks again for his sharing. We have updated it in our material list as well, please visit makex.com/resin to download the latest material list:D



MakeX Team





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